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SKATE San Francisco with Ben Gore

Magenta’s Ben Gore has a really sick episode in the RIDE Channel’s SKATE series skating around San Francisco for a day. He shares about his love for the city, having moved there from Florida, and how so many people in SF also moved there from elsewhere.

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Follow along with Ben Gore and friends Carlos Young, Max Van Arnem, John Lindsay, Joe Staley, James Coleman, Nick Daley, Zach Chamberlain and more as they bomb hills, hit up one of Ben’s favorite eating spots (his favorite burger in SF), and visit iconic skate spots like 3 up 3 down, the SF library and the Federal Banks.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.18.55 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12.45.01 PM

Some really rad skating from everyone and cool insights into the city from one of our favorite Floridian transplants.

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The day finishes off at Magenta’s Hill Street Blues art show and if you didn’t know, Ben’s also an accomplished photographer, and you should definitely also check out his photography work here. Talented both on and off the board, check out the video below and go bomb some hills! – HK

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