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Maxime Genin

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Porte Maillot, Paris

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

–¬†‘Jolie Routine 2’: ollie one foot by Nico Morel; backside flip by Mickael Mackrodt
– Tikal ‘Guildeline’: switch frontside 180 by Arnaud Bremard
– Puzzle 23: pop shuvit by Paul Allard
– Chill ‘Filming Crazy’: varial flip by JJ Rousseau; backside bigspin by Maxime Genin; bigspin flip by Gauthier Rouger
– Square ‘No Place Like Home’: treflip by Thibaud Fradin
– Clich√© ‘Freedom Fries’: backside 360 by Lucas Puig
– Youtube Clip ‘Throwback Hammers’: switch bigspin heelflip by Franck Barattiero