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Rincon, California

Rincon Middle School is like a skatepark for the elite. Monstrous block sets and high handrails made this spot famous in videos from the late 90s to now. Watch as the very best riders chuck themselves into skateboarding glory.

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

РYoutube clip: Ollie by Trae Montgomery
– Osiris “The Storm”:¬†B/s 180 by¬†Kanten Russell
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Airwalk by¬†James Brockman
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Kickflip, F/s Flip by¬†Ryan Smith
РPart 2013: Varial Heelflip by Austin Lenahan
РBaker 3: F/s Kickflip Shifty by Andrew Reynolds
РThe Assault Video: Impossible Tailgrab by Ace Pelka
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Tre flip by¬†Chris Cole
РNKA clip: Hardflip Indy by Vinnie Banh
– Foundation “That’s Life”:¬†Switch Ollie by¬†Corey Duffel
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Switch F/s 180 by¬†Jamie Thomas
РThe DC Video: Switch B/s 180 by Greg Myers
РVia Marina: Switch Pop Shuvit by Sierra Fellers
– Zero “Dying to Live”:¬†Fakie Ollie by¬†Kanten Russell
РDetroit Rock City: Fakie Kickflip, B/s Half Cab Flip by Austin Lenahan
РNatural Selection: F/s Half Cab Flip by Dave Bachinsky
РMag Minute: Full Cab by Sascha Daley
– DGK “Blood Money”:¬†Fakie Hardflip by¬†Darius Jackson
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Nollie by¬†John Rattray
– TWS “Hallelujah”:¬†Nollie Heelflip by¬†Ryan Decenzo
– Flip “Extremely Sorry”:¬†Nollie Flip by¬†Shane Cross
– DC Shoes “Skateboarding is Forever”:¬†Nollie B/s flip by¬†Greg Myers
– Digital “FYI”:¬†Nollie B/s Heelflip by¬†Magnus Hansen
РX-Games Real Street 2014: Nollie Inward Heel by Billy Marks
– Berry “Atmosphere”:¬†Switch F/s Heel by¬†Kevin Romar
РBoyish: Switch Bigheel by Jonathan Pierce
– Organika “Graduation”:¬†Switch Tre flip by¬†Walker Ryan
– Bones “New Ground”:¬†B/s 360 Kickflip by¬†Chris Joslin
– Foundation “WTF!”:¬†Switch B/s 360 by¬†Nick Merlino
– TWS “Not Another TransWorld Video”:¬†B/s Wallride by¬†Wes Kremer
– DC Shoes “The Wallon”:¬†F/s Wallride by¬†Madars Apse
– TWS “Interface”: Indy Tweak by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”:¬†Tucknee by¬†Johnny Layton
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Stalefish by¬†Lindsey Robertson
– Zero “Misled Youth”:¬†B/s 180 by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Kickflip, F/s Flip by¬†Jon Allie
РThe Deathwish Video: B/s Flip by Furby
– Creature “Welcome To The Fiend”:¬†Fastplant by¬†Tyler Imel
РBoyish: Fakie Ollie by Evan Okeson
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†Switch Ollie by¬†Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”:¬†F/s Nollie by¬†Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Strange World”:¬†Switch Kickflip by¬†Dane Burman
– City Stars “Street Cinema”:¬†F/s Boardslide by Caine Gayle
– Zero “Misled Youth”:¬†F/s Lipslide, F/s 5-O by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”:¬†Nosegrind by¬†Josh Harmony
РDetroit Rock City: Crooked by Austin Lenahan
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Feeble by¬†John Rosenkranz;¬†B/s 5-0 by¬†JT Aultz
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†F/s Tailslide by¬†Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”:¬†B/s Bluntslide by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Birdhouse “The End”:¬†B/s 50-50 by¬†Steve Berra
– Girl “Yeah Right”:¬†B/s Lipslide by¬†Steve Berra
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†F/s Noseblunt by¬†Chris Cole
– Black Label “God Save The Label”:¬†F/s Feeble by¬†Chris Troy
– Zero “Strange World”:¬†B/s Overcrook by Jamie Tancowny
РStone Colden: B/s 180 Nosegrind by Trevor Colden
– Mystery “Color Theory”:¬†Bigspin F/s Boardslide by¬†Trevor Colden
– Blind “This Is Not A Test”:¬†Kickflip F/s Boardslide by¬†Filipe Ortiz
– Thunder “Alec Majerus Knows”:¬†Kickflip Crook by¬†Alec Majerus
РTrick Of The Year 2016 Submission: Tre flip Lipslide by Ryan Decenzo
– Zero “Cold War”:¬†Bigspin Heelflip Boardslide by¬†Ed Duff
– Osiris “Subject To Change”:¬†Switch F/s Boardslide by¬†Brandon Turner
– TWS “Hallelujah”:¬†Switch Feeble by¬†Ryan Decenzo
РMystery promo 2008: Switch F/s Lipslide by Pete Eldridge
– ATM CLICK “In Crusty We Trusty”:¬†Switch F/s Bigspin Boardslide by Chris Weissmann
РBlind X2 Vision: Switch B/s Lipslide by TJ Rogers
РRise & Shine: Kickflip B/s Lip by Nyjah Huston
– DC Shoes “Fade To Black”:¬†F/s 180 Switch Crook, Full Cab B/s Lipslide by¬†Nyjah Huston
– TWS “i.e.”:¬†F/s Lipslide by¬†Diego Bucchieri
– Zero “New Blood”:¬†B/s Lipslide by¬†Adrian Lopez
– Zero “Cold War”: F/s Lipslide, 5-0 the corner rail by¬†Jamie Thomas
– Zero “Dying To Live”:¬†Kickflip over the rail by¬†Jamie Thomas
РMystery promo 2008: B/s 180 over the rail by Dennis Durrant
РYoutube clip: F/s Flip over the rail by Tony Tave


Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!
History Clip, Spot


Last update:

A 7min edit wasn’t too long for such a legendary spot. Still we really wanted to give you this awesome line-up.¬†Gotta love skateboarding’s progression!

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Transworld ‘The Reason’: line with ollie top set + kickflip the second set by Cairo Foster; back 5-0 by Kenny Reed
– Real ‘Real to Reel’: nollie noseslide by Cairo Foster
– Antisocial video: fs flip by Rick McCrank
– ‘Is what it Is’: Layback bs boardslide by Scott Bourne
– Zero ‘Cold War’: impossible fifty by Jamie Thomas
– ‘Chomp on This’: fs board by Jamie Thomas
– Girl ‘Mouse’: fs fifty by Sean Sheffey; bs fifty by Eric Koston
– Element ‘Third Eye View’: fs 5-0 by Kris Markovich
– Shorty’s ‘Guilty’: line with tailslide + switch noseslide by Chad Muska
– Antihero ‘Cash Money Vagrant’: nosegrind by Frank Gerwer
– Girl ‘Yeah Right’: nollie back 5-0 by Eric Koston; nollie heel nose & nollie flip noseslide by Justin Eldridge
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: back fifty footplant by Jerry Hsu
– Real ‘Roll Forever’: back 5-0 revert & nollie bs noseblunt by Darell Stanton
– Transworld ‘Free your Mind’: transfert fs blunt & nollie fs180 to sw 5-0 by Darell Stanton; tailslide shuv by Van Wastell; nollie noseblunt by Jack Curtin; flip crook by Cale Nuske
– 411 .48: backtail by Anthony Mosley
– Baker ‘Bootleg 99’: bs lip by Heath Kirchart
– Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’: blunt by John Cardiel
– Flip ‘Sorry’: fs blunt by Arto Saari; sw tail & flip back 5-0 & nollie flip fifty by Mark Appleyard
– rookie 411 .37: noseblunt by John Rattray
– Youtube Clip: back noseblunt by Tommy Fynn; boneless tail by Justin Blake
– Berrics part ‘Gold Record Debut’: tre noseslide by Tommy Fynn
– The Firm ‘Can’t stop the firm’: fs crook by Jani Laitiala
– Shep Dawgs vol4: hurricane by Riley Hawk
– Baker 2G: fs180 fakie nosegrind by Dustin Dollin
– 411 14.2: bs 180 nosegrind by Daryl Angel
– Darkstar ‘Forward Slash’: bs 180 fakie fifty & sw 180 to 5-0 & ollie over to board & fs 180 sw crook by Ryan Decenzo; bigspin noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– ‘Bust or Bail 2’: fs 180 fifty by Daniel Lutheran; halfcab fifty & back 180 over by Tafari Whitter; fakie crook & fakie flip fifty & sw heel 5-0 by Paul Hart; nollie tail by Joey Ragali; hardflip over by Drake Johnson; sw fifty & sw shuvit boardslide by Justin Figueroa; flip over all by Aaron “Jaws” Homoki; sw back lip by Nick Merlino; shuvit fifty by Forrest Edwards; bigspin boardslide by Terrell Newell; bigspin backtail by Shane O’Neill; heelflip crook by Jonathan Perez
– Real ‘Since Day One’: alley oop front 180 sw back 50 by James Hardy; sw backtail by Chima Ferguson
– Flip ‘Really Sorry’: line with sw 180 fifty by Geoff Rowley
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: fakie fifty by Elijah Berle; boneless lip by Brian Anderson; sw bluntslide by Vincent Alvarez
– Thrasher part ‘Auby’s World’: fakie backtail & flip back over by Auby Taylor
– Deathwish video: fullcab noseslide by Brian “Slash” Hansen
– Think ‘iThink’: nollie front noseslide by Adam Dyet
– Real ‘Seeing Double’: nollie crook by JT Aultz
– 411 .60: transfert noseblunt by JT Aultz
– 19th Ave: nollie boardslide to fakie by Alex Conns; fs 36 over by Daniel Dubois
– Digital ‘Get Tricks or Die Tryin’: nollie 180 sw crook by Bjorn Johnson
– Plan B ‘True’: nollie flip fifty by Chris Joslin; transfert bs lip by Torey Pudwill
– LRG ‘Give me my money chico’: sw bs 5-0 by Jack Curtin
– FTC part: sw crook by Jack Curtin
– DGK ‘Parental Advisory’: sw flip fifty & sw back lip by Jack Curtin
– Instagram clip: lip to 5-0 revert by Sam Baker
– Meeps video: wallie boardslide & wallie fifty by George Klioriatis
– Black Label ‘God save the label’: wallie fs board by Jason Adams
– Dekline ‘True Blue’: sw wallie boardslide by Ryan Spencer
– ‘Static 4’: wallie fs fifty by Jake Johnson
– Thrasher Magnified: wallie crook by AJ Zavala; ollie over all by Milton Martinez
– Vox part: wallie blunt by Shawn Hale
– Pack of Hydes part: wallie 180 fakie 5-0 by Wes Kremer
– Death ‘Better than Life’: fastplant by Richie Jackson
– XGames 17 real street: nollie fastplant by Eli Reed
– ‘Mark and Matt Clipper Ledge Tricks’: 180 over by Mark
– On Video ‘Spring 02’: flip over by Caswell Berry
– Sus Monts: fs flip over by Ben Stewart
– Zero ‘Strange World’: flip front board & flip back over by Jamie Tancowny
– Think ‘Business as Usual’: sw flip over by Cody McEntire
– Birdhouse ‘The Beginning’: sw lip by Sean Eaton
– Habitat ‘Mosaic’: sw bs fifty by Anthony Pappalardo
– Nike SB ‘Chronicles 2’: sw front blunt by Ishod Wair
– Mystery Promo 2008: sw noseblunt by Pete Eldridge
– Slap ‘One in a million 2010 ep.13’: tre fifty by Forrest Edwards; flip 5-0 by Reuben Barrack
– Unhinged part: tre 5-0 by Forrest Edwards
– Circa ‘It’s time’: fs shuv 5-0 by Colt Cannon; flip tailslide by Jon Allie
– Supreme / Thrasher ‘Sickness’: shuvit fifty by Kevin Bradley
– Thrasher part ‘Last Call’: hardflip back 5-0 by Nyjah Huston
– The Berrics ‘Spring Fling’: bigheel noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– Epxedition One ‘Gone Fishin’: flip back noseblunt by Ryan Gallant


We still had some tricks in mind but didn’t succeed to find them – feel free to tell us where they are in the comments section:
– nollie fs blunt by Tommy Sandoval
– wallie bs 5-0 by Shawn Hale
– the first back noseblunt landed there by Darell Stanton (Thrasher cover when he was 16!)
– fakie tail by Jeremy Reeves