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  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Van Owen Bump, Burbank

    Last update: Mr @chadmuska was actually probably the first one to make a hardflip on Van Owen bump back in the @shortysskateboards “Guilty” days! 🚔🚨 Check our #krakhistory clip on #krak…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Rail La Defense, Paris

    Last update: We thought first about the rail but… this ollie by @lilfucky is so insane! ?? from @emerica #staygold video. enjoy the full #krakhistory clip on our Youtube channel ? +krakskate…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Baxter Ledge, Los Angeles

    Last update: Big up to Alex Tennison for this nbd down Baxter ledge in the WEFRIED video playing on the @transworldskate website! 🔥🔥🔥 Check our #krakhistory clip on #krak #skatekrak #krakmag…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Hollywood Bowl Hubba Ledge

    Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor: – eS ‘Menikmati’: noseslide by Eric Koston – Girl ‘Yeah Right’: frontside 50-50 by Rick McCrank – Thrasher ‘Possessed to Skate’: backside 50-50 by David…

  • History Clips, Skatespots


    Last update: Such a shame we forgot about @bradstaba frontside noseslide in @transworldskate The Reason! Check our #krakhistory clip on #krak #skatekrak #krakmag #clipper A post shared by Krak (@skate_krak) on…

  • History Clips, Skatespots

    Bercy, Paris

    Last update: This spot could have made it into the @jenkemmag 'Legendary Spots Measurement' ? awesome one by a 'Chino' from the Marble video ? #marcoslozano – full #krakhistory clip at ?…