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Krak Minute – Kezar Stadium, San Francisco

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Salman Agah – Boardslide – The Real Video (1993)
Ed Templeton – Boardslide to fakie – Toy Machine ‘Welcome to Hell’
Marcus McBride – Noseslide – Deca ‘Sneak Preview’
Keith Hufnagel – Fs fifty – Real ‘Non Fiction’
Blake Norris – Boardslide flip out – Wicked Child
Auby Taylor – Crooked – Auby’s World
Sascha Daley – Fs lipslide – War and Peace
Zion Wright – Fs tailslide – Real ‘By Any Means’
Matt Berger – Bs tailslide – Etnies ‘Album’
Mark Suciu – Bs smith – Magnified
Kevin Bradley – Fs feeble – Sickness
TJ Rogers – Switch fs boardslide – Enter The Red Dragon

History Clip, Spot

Rincon, California

Rincon Middle School is like a skatepark for the elite. Monstrous block sets and high handrails made this spot famous in videos from the late 90s to now. Watch as the very best riders chuck themselves into skateboarding glory.

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube clip: Ollie by Trae Montgomery
– Osiris “The Storm”: B/s 180 by Kanten Russell
– Zero “New Blood”: Airwalk by James Brockman
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Kickflip, F/s Flip by Ryan Smith
– Part 2013: Varial Heelflip by Austin Lenahan
– Baker 3: F/s Kickflip Shifty by Andrew Reynolds
– The Assault Video: Impossible Tailgrab by Ace Pelka
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Tre flip by Chris Cole
– NKA clip: Hardflip Indy by Vinnie Banh
– Foundation “That’s Life”: Switch Ollie by Corey Duffel
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Switch F/s 180 by Jamie Thomas
– The DC Video: Switch B/s 180 by Greg Myers
– Via Marina: Switch Pop Shuvit by Sierra Fellers
– Zero “Dying to Live”: Fakie Ollie by Kanten Russell
– Detroit Rock City: Fakie Kickflip, B/s Half Cab Flip by Austin Lenahan
– Natural Selection: F/s Half Cab Flip by Dave Bachinsky
– Mag Minute: Full Cab by Sascha Daley
– DGK “Blood Money”: Fakie Hardflip by Darius Jackson
– Zero “New Blood”: Nollie by John Rattray
– TWS “Hallelujah”: Nollie Heelflip by Ryan Decenzo
– Flip “Extremely Sorry”: Nollie Flip by Shane Cross
– DC Shoes “Skateboarding is Forever”: Nollie B/s flip by Greg Myers
– Digital “FYI”: Nollie B/s Heelflip by Magnus Hansen
– X-Games Real Street 2014: Nollie Inward Heel by Billy Marks
– Berry “Atmosphere”: Switch F/s Heel by Kevin Romar
– Boyish: Switch Bigheel by Jonathan Pierce
– Organika “Graduation”: Switch Tre flip by Walker Ryan
– Bones “New Ground”: B/s 360 Kickflip by Chris Joslin
– Foundation “WTF!”: Switch B/s 360 by Nick Merlino
– TWS “Not Another TransWorld Video”: B/s Wallride by Wes Kremer
– DC Shoes “The Wallon”: F/s Wallride by Madars Apse
– TWS “Interface”: Indy Tweak by Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”: Tucknee by Johnny Layton
– Zero “New Blood”: Stalefish by Lindsey Robertson
– Zero “Misled Youth”: B/s 180 by Jamie Thomas
– Zero “New Blood”: Kickflip, F/s Flip by Jon Allie
– The Deathwish Video: B/s Flip by Furby
– Creature “Welcome To The Fiend”: Fastplant by Tyler Imel
– Boyish: Fakie Ollie by Evan Okeson
– Zero “New Blood”: Switch Ollie by Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”: F/s Nollie by Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Strange World”: Switch Kickflip by Dane Burman
– City Stars “Street Cinema”: F/s Boardslide by Caine Gayle
– Zero “Misled Youth”: F/s Lipslide, F/s 5-O by Jamie Thomas
– Toy Machine “Good & Evil”: Nosegrind by Josh Harmony
– Detroit Rock City: Crooked by Austin Lenahan
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Feeble by John Rosenkranz; B/s 5-0 by JT Aultz
– Zero “New Blood”: F/s Tailslide by Tommy Sandoval
– Zero “Cold War”: B/s Bluntslide by Jamie Thomas
– Birdhouse “The End”: B/s 50-50 by Steve Berra
– Girl “Yeah Right”: B/s Lipslide by Steve Berra
– Zero “New Blood”: F/s Noseblunt by Chris Cole
– Black Label “God Save The Label”: F/s Feeble by Chris Troy
– Zero “Strange World”: B/s Overcrook by Jamie Tancowny
– Stone Colden: B/s 180 Nosegrind by Trevor Colden
– Mystery “Color Theory”: Bigspin F/s Boardslide by Trevor Colden
– Blind “This Is Not A Test”: Kickflip F/s Boardslide by Filipe Ortiz
– Thunder “Alec Majerus Knows”: Kickflip Crook by Alec Majerus
– Trick Of The Year 2016 Submission: Tre flip Lipslide by Ryan Decenzo
– Zero “Cold War”: Bigspin Heelflip Boardslide by Ed Duff
– Osiris “Subject To Change”: Switch F/s Boardslide by Brandon Turner
– TWS “Hallelujah”: Switch Feeble by Ryan Decenzo
– Mystery promo 2008: Switch F/s Lipslide by Pete Eldridge
– ATM CLICK “In Crusty We Trusty”: Switch F/s Bigspin Boardslide by Chris Weissmann
– Blind X2 Vision: Switch B/s Lipslide by TJ Rogers
– Rise & Shine: Kickflip B/s Lip by Nyjah Huston
– DC Shoes “Fade To Black”: F/s 180 Switch Crook, Full Cab B/s Lipslide by Nyjah Huston
– TWS “i.e.”: F/s Lipslide by Diego Bucchieri
– Zero “New Blood”: B/s Lipslide by Adrian Lopez
– Zero “Cold War”: F/s Lipslide, 5-0 the corner rail by Jamie Thomas
– Zero “Dying To Live”: Kickflip over the rail by Jamie Thomas
– Mystery promo 2008: B/s 180 over the rail by Dennis Durrant
– Youtube clip: F/s Flip over the rail by Tony Tave


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History Clip, Spot

Hollywood High 16, Los Angeles

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Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube clip: ollie by Chris Joslin; b/s 180 by Ryan Richards; half cab by Greg Harris; f/s blunt by Vincent Nava; f/s blunt to fakie by Nyjah Huston
– Zero ‘New Blood’: indy tweak by Chris Cole
– Pig Wheels ‘Slaughterhoue’: stalefish by Anthony ‘Ragdoll’ Scalamare; smith tailgrab & 50-50 canonball by Samy Baca
– Black Label ‘Black Out’: jump on board by Anthony ‘Ragdoll’ Scalamare
– Instagram clip: benihana by Alex Lewis; weird shit by Lizard King; pop shove-it tailgrab by Dustin Bell; f/s nollie 180 by Andrew Fiene
– Zoo York ‘Vicious Cycle’: boneless 180 by Zered Bassett
– Baker 2G: f/s 180 & kickflip by Andrew Reynolds
– Darkstar Battalion: pop shove-it by Paul Machnau
– Zero ‘Dying to Live’: heelflip by Lindsey Robertson; f/s noseblunt by Jon Allie
– BNQT: f/s flip by Dan Roberts
– part for Baker: b/s flip by Dee Ostrander
– Baker 3: f/s flip over the rail by Andrew Reynolds; b/s blunt fakie by Dustin Dollin
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: varial heel by Andrew Reynolds
– Transworld ‘Hallelujah’: hardflip by Ryan Decenzo; b/s overcrooked by Taylor Bingaman
– Plan B ‘True’: 360 flip by Ryan Sheckler
– part for Element Brasil: full cab by Sascha Daley
– The Deathwish video: b/s 360 by Luis ‘Moose’ De Los Reyes; f/s noseslide by Lizard King
– Digital ‘Imagine’: switch ollie by Ramiro ‘Furby’ Salcedo
– Blind ‘This is not a Test’: nollie & switch 180 by Kevin Romar
– Blind ‘IOU’: b/s nollie 180 by Kevin Romar
– ‘Allergic to Awesome’: switch heelflip by Auby Taylor
– Mag Minute: switch flip by Ricky Webb; nollie f/s boardslide by Norman Woods; flip f/s boardslide by Woody Woelfel
– ‘Ta-ha’: nollie heelflip by Derrick Wilson
– Foundation ‘WTF’: nollie flip by Nick Merlino
– Blind ‘Damn’: switch f/s 360 by TJ Rodgers
– Status ‘Allowed’: ollie over the fence by Jim Bates
– X Games 17 ‘Real Street’ part: switch ollie over the fence by Eli Reed; f/s flip over the fence by Ryan Decenzo
– Blind ‘What If?’: kickflip melon over the rail by Aaron Artis
– Jackass The Movie: drop 50-50 by Johnny Knoxville
– Zero ‘Misled Youth’: f/s boardslide by Geoff Rowley; b/s lipslide by Jamie Thomas
– Osiris ‘The Storm’: b/s feeble & b/s salad & f/s 5-0 & f/s nosegrind & crooked by Chad Fernandez
– Digital ‘Everyday’: smith by Evan Hernandez; f/s tailslide by Joey Poirez
– Birdhouse ‘The End’: lispslide by Andrew Reynolds
– Ambiguous ‘Skate Movie’: b/s 50-50 on the side rail by Clint Walker
– ‘Ground Control’: f/s smith on the side rail by Roy Foner
– Youtube part: b/s feeble fakie by Steven Lemos; halfcab feeble by Brian Sawyer
– 411VM: f/s feeble by Matt Ball
– ‘Through Being Nice’: b/s smith by Sean Malto
– Girl ‘Yes We Canada’: b/s salad 180 out by Sean Malto
– Foundation ‘That’s Life’: f/s salad by Matt Allen
– Powell ‘Fun’: b/s tailslide by Dallas Rockvam
– DC Shoes Signature shoe video: b/s noseblunt by Nyjah Huston
– Thrasher ‘In Hart We Trust’: b/s noseblunt to fakie & fakie b/s lipslide by Paul Hart
– ‘Proof’: nollie b/s boardslide by Terrell Robinson
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’ B-Side: nollie 50-50 by Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa
– Flip ‘Sorry’: switch f/s boardslide by Arto Saari
– ‘Morno 3931’: switch lipslide by Geoff Cook
– Zero ‘Cold War’: switch 50-50 by James Brockman; kickflip boardslide by Ed Duff
– Real ‘Through and Through’: switch feeble by Jack Olson
– Element ‘Rise and Shine’: kickflip b/s lipslide & b/s 270 lipslide by Nyjah Huston
– Thrasher ‘Magnified’ clip: bigspin f/s boardslide by Zachary ‘Ducky’ Kovacs
– Transworld ‘Outliers’: kickflip crooked by Timmy Knuth
– wallride by Bart Simpson!