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Krak Minute – Pyramid Ledges, New York City

Last Update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Jake Johnson – Switch flip bs nosegrind – Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’
Ian Reid – Nollie nosegrind & nollie nosegrind revers – Aesthetics ‘Ryde Or Die Vol.1’
Walker Ryan – Fs tailslide shuvit – ABD NYC
Unknown – Fs tail bigspin heel – Adidas ‘Broadway Bullet’
Josh Kalis – Bs bigspin bs tail – Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’
Mark Suciu – Bs tail fs shuv – Adidas Introducing Suciu ADV II
Mark Suciu – Bs noseblunt – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
Kauê Cossa – Fs shuv bs nosegrind – The (L) Train
Felipe Oliveira – Noseslide nollie flip – The (L) Train
Sean Malto – Bs nosegrind nollie flip – DC King of New York
Unknown – fs blunt flip out – Adidas ‘Broadway Bullet’
Franky Spears – Fs flip fakie nosegrind & bs flip fakie nosegrind – Alien Workshop ‘Control Room Sovereign Sect Ep.1’
Bobby De Keyser – Flip bs nosegrind revers – Converse ‘Purple’
Dave Willis – Flip fs 5-0 – TWS ‘The Cinematographer Project’
Mike York – Nollie half cab 5-0 – Chocolate ‘Hot Chocolate’
Josh Kalis – Switch bs tail shuvit – DC King of New York
Mark Suciu – Switch bs tail fs shuvit, switch bs fifty fs bigspin out, fs fifty bs 360 out, bs blunt to 5-0 revers & switch flip bs tail – Verso
Tyshawn Jones – Nollie bs noseblunt – Supreme ‘Blessed’

History Clip, Spot

Milano Centrale

Last update:


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Rick McCrank – Nollie half-cab crook – és ‘éspecial’
Mark Appleyard – Crook & switch fs tail- TWS ‘Videoradio’
Colt Cannon – Bs tail & fs nosegrind – TWS ‘Videoradio’
Cairo Foster – Bs lip – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Kenny Anderson – Bs lip to 5-0 – Oh Yes!
Alessandro Cesario – Bs lip to switch fs crook & fs blunt – DC ‘Common Dream’
Marc Johnson – Fs blunt – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Lucas Puig – Bs smith – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Sean Pablo – Bs smith to bs tail – Oh Yes!
Jorge Simoes – Fs tailslide flip out – Jart ‘Baguette & Pasta tour’
Roman Gonzalez – Fs tail heelflip out & fs tail 270 out – Oh Yes!
Florentin Marfaing – Fs tail hardflip out, switch tail flip out, nollie lip to noseblunt & nollie lip to switch crook – Instagram @flomarfaing
Adrien Coillard – noseslide 270 out – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Sudan Asokkumar – noseslide heelflip out – Day After Day
Jacoppo Carozzi – noseslide nollie flip out & noseslide nollie varial flip out – Boring Iphone/insta remix part
Dave Grege – Halfcab noseslide – Day After Day
Kenny Anderson – Halfcab noseslide flip out – Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’
Jacoppo Carozzi – Halfcab fs noseslide flip out & halfcab fs noseslide nollie varial flip out – Stazione Centrale
Kevin Rodrigues – Fs noseslide & fs noseslide to fakie – Oh Yes!
René Olivo – Fs noseslide shuvit – Day After Day
Chris Roberts – fs noseslide heelflip out – Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’
Kevin Rodrigues – Fs noseslide to fs crook & Nollie tail to switch bs tail – Oh Yes!
Paul Grund – Nollie tail to switch crook – Oh Yes!
Alessandro Cesario – Nollie noseslide to switch 5-0 – Kingpin part
Daniel Espinoza – fs tail to switch crook – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Lucas Puig – Fs lip to switch crook – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Zack Wallin – Fs smith to tail – DVS ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles ep.3’
Lucas Puig – Fs smith flip out & bs tail flip out – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Lem Villemin – Bs tail flip out – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Brandon Biebel – Fakie bs tail & 5-0 flip out – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Brandon Biebel – Fakie 5-0 flip out – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Nick Jensen – Switch nosegrind flip out – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Flo Mirtain – Fakie 5-0 shuvit out – DVS ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles ep.3’
Luis Tolentino – Fs 180 fakie 5-0 – DVS ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles ep.3’
Cory Kennedy – Bs 180 fakie nosegrind shuvit – Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’
Danny Fuenzalida – Switch crook – Day After Day
Jesus Fernandez – Fakie crook & switch 5-0 to crook – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
Guido Zanotto – Switch 5-0 to crook – Balance Numeric Tramontana
Lucas Puig – Switch tailslide heelflip & Switch bs tail shuvit out – Cliché ‘Bon Voyage’
Christian Zemp – Nollie bs tail – Puzzle 21
Torey Pudwill – Nollie flip bs tail – DVS ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles ep.3’
Guido Zanotto – Switch flip bs tail – Jart welcome clip
Jacoppo Carozzi – Bs smith to bs tail flip out – Boring Iphone/insta remix part
Jacoppo Carozzi – Bs tail to switch fs crook flip out – Stinky Trouble
Danny Montoya – Nollie fs crook – Viajeros Locos
Sean Malto – Fs crook to switch bs suski revers, nollie bs nosegrind heelflip out & fs nosegrind to nose manny flip out – Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’

History Clip, Spot

University Hubba, Stanford

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’: f/s 50-50 by John Cardiel
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: f/s boardslide by Louie Barletta
– Santa Cruz ‘Uprising’: f/s noseslide by Ron Whaley
– Tranworld ‘i.e.’: 5-0 & tailslide by Diego Bucchieri
– Osiris ‘Feed the Need’: f/s smith & ollie over by Caswell Berry; pop shove-it 5-0 by Corey Duffel
– Tiltmode Army ‘Shop Copy’: b/s 5-0 by Caswell Berry
– Youtube part ‘Bonus Round’: b/s tailslide by Jose Rojo
– Fallen ‘Ride the Sky’: b/s bluntslide by Chris Cole; flip noseslide by Billy Marks
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: f/s bluntslide by Heath Kirchart; nollie crooked by Leo Romero; b/s 180 fakie nosegrind by Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa
– Lakai ‘Fully Flared’: f/s noseblunt by Cairo Foster
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: b/s noseblunt by Sean Malto
– Enjoi ‘Oververt’: f/s feeble Zach Wallin
– Thunder ‘Know Future’: b/s smith revert by Jafin Garvey
– Flip ‘Sorry’: switch 180 wheelie by Mark Appleyard
– Enjoi ‘Bag of Suck’: switch f/s 180 to 5-0 by Jerry Hsu
– Thrasher ‘Timebomb’: switch 5-0 by Paul Hart
– ‘Bigly’: switch crooked by Frankie Spears
– Real ‘Since Day One’: f/s 180 switch crooked by Ishod Wair
– Youtube clip ‘Strong Sessions 2016’: nollie 180 nosegrind by Windsor James
– Alien Workshop ‘Life Splicing No. 006’: half-cab f/s 50-50 by John Fitzgerald
– Habitat ‘Origin’: switch b/s 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– Skate Mental ‘Am Chowder’: nollie b/s 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– Nike SB ‘Chronicles vol.2’: f/s 180 fakie 50-50 by Daryl Angel
– 411 ‘Volume 13, Issue 1’: fakie tailslide by Wieger Van Wageningen
– Transworld ‘Hallelujah’: flip crooked by Ryan Decenzo
– Emerica ‘Made’: flip 50-50 by Jeremy Leabres
– LRG ‘1947’: flip b/s tailslide & switch b/s smith by Miles Silva
– Adidas ‘Away Days’: 360 flip 50-50 by Alec Majerus

History Clip, Spot

Elysian Heights Elementary’s 18, Los Angeles

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: b/s 50-50 & b/s overcrook by Sean Malto
– Skatestache part: f/s 50-50 & f/s 5-0 & f/s nosegrind by Chad Fernandez
– Globe ‘Opinion’: f/s lipslide by Chad Fernandez
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: f/s boardslide by Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa
– Plan B ‘True’: b/s feeble by Scott Decenzo; hardflip by Chris Joslin
– Transworld part: b/s lipslide by Chase Webb
– Zero ‘Cold War’: b/s 5-0 by James Brockman
– Thrasher clip: f/s bluntslide by Nyjah Huston
– ‘A Concrete Forest’ part: f/s noseblunt by Dylan Witkin
– Transworld ‘Check Out’: b/s smithgrind by Victor Aceves
– ‘Stand by Fire’: f/s feeble & b/s 360 by Cam Sedlick
– Darkstar ‘Forward Slash’: f/s flip by Ryan Decenzo

History Clip, Spot

Hollywood High 16, Los Angeles

Last update:


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube clip: ollie by Chris Joslin; b/s 180 by Ryan Richards; half cab by Greg Harris; f/s blunt by Vincent Nava; f/s blunt to fakie by Nyjah Huston
– Zero ‘New Blood’: indy tweak by Chris Cole
– Pig Wheels ‘Slaughterhoue’: stalefish by Anthony ‘Ragdoll’ Scalamare; smith tailgrab & 50-50 canonball by Samy Baca
– Black Label ‘Black Out’: jump on board by Anthony ‘Ragdoll’ Scalamare
– Instagram clip: benihana by Alex Lewis; weird shit by Lizard King; pop shove-it tailgrab by Dustin Bell; f/s nollie 180 by Andrew Fiene
– Zoo York ‘Vicious Cycle’: boneless 180 by Zered Bassett
– Baker 2G: f/s 180 & kickflip by Andrew Reynolds
– Darkstar Battalion: pop shove-it by Paul Machnau
– Zero ‘Dying to Live’: heelflip by Lindsey Robertson; f/s noseblunt by Jon Allie
– BNQT: f/s flip by Dan Roberts
– part for Baker: b/s flip by Dee Ostrander
– Baker 3: f/s flip over the rail by Andrew Reynolds; b/s blunt fakie by Dustin Dollin
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’: varial heel by Andrew Reynolds
– Transworld ‘Hallelujah’: hardflip by Ryan Decenzo; b/s overcrooked by Taylor Bingaman
– Plan B ‘True’: 360 flip by Ryan Sheckler
– part for Element Brasil: full cab by Sascha Daley
– The Deathwish video: b/s 360 by Luis ‘Moose’ De Los Reyes; f/s noseslide by Lizard King
– Digital ‘Imagine’: switch ollie by Ramiro ‘Furby’ Salcedo
– Blind ‘This is not a Test’: nollie & switch 180 by Kevin Romar
– Blind ‘IOU’: b/s nollie 180 by Kevin Romar
– ‘Allergic to Awesome’: switch heelflip by Auby Taylor
– Mag Minute: switch flip by Ricky Webb; nollie f/s boardslide by Norman Woods; flip f/s boardslide by Woody Woelfel
– ‘Ta-ha’: nollie heelflip by Derrick Wilson
– Foundation ‘WTF’: nollie flip by Nick Merlino
– Blind ‘Damn’: switch f/s 360 by TJ Rodgers
– Status ‘Allowed’: ollie over the fence by Jim Bates
– X Games 17 ‘Real Street’ part: switch ollie over the fence by Eli Reed; f/s flip over the fence by Ryan Decenzo
– Blind ‘What If?’: kickflip melon over the rail by Aaron Artis
– Jackass The Movie: drop 50-50 by Johnny Knoxville
– Zero ‘Misled Youth’: f/s boardslide by Geoff Rowley; b/s lipslide by Jamie Thomas
– Osiris ‘The Storm’: b/s feeble & b/s salad & f/s 5-0 & f/s nosegrind & crooked by Chad Fernandez
– Digital ‘Everyday’: smith by Evan Hernandez; f/s tailslide by Joey Poirez
– Birdhouse ‘The End’: lispslide by Andrew Reynolds
– Ambiguous ‘Skate Movie’: b/s 50-50 on the side rail by Clint Walker
– ‘Ground Control’: f/s smith on the side rail by Roy Foner
– Youtube part: b/s feeble fakie by Steven Lemos; halfcab feeble by Brian Sawyer
– 411VM: f/s feeble by Matt Ball
– ‘Through Being Nice’: b/s smith by Sean Malto
– Girl ‘Yes We Canada’: b/s salad 180 out by Sean Malto
– Foundation ‘That’s Life’: f/s salad by Matt Allen
– Powell ‘Fun’: b/s tailslide by Dallas Rockvam
– DC Shoes Signature shoe video: b/s noseblunt by Nyjah Huston
– Thrasher ‘In Hart We Trust’: b/s noseblunt to fakie & fakie b/s lipslide by Paul Hart
– ‘Proof’: nollie b/s boardslide by Terrell Robinson
– Emerica ‘Stay Gold’ B-Side: nollie 50-50 by Justin ‘Figgy’ Figueroa
– Flip ‘Sorry’: switch f/s boardslide by Arto Saari
– ‘Morno 3931’: switch lipslide by Geoff Cook
– Zero ‘Cold War’: switch 50-50 by James Brockman; kickflip boardslide by Ed Duff
– Real ‘Through and Through’: switch feeble by Jack Olson
– Element ‘Rise and Shine’: kickflip b/s lipslide & b/s 270 lipslide by Nyjah Huston
– Thrasher ‘Magnified’ clip: bigspin f/s boardslide by Zachary ‘Ducky’ Kovacs
– Transworld ‘Outliers’: kickflip crooked by Timmy Knuth
– wallride by Bart Simpson!


Go Skateboarding Day 2015 – West Los Angeles Courthouse

Go Skateboarding Day (aka GSD) falls on 21st June and coincides with the longest day in the northern hemisphere. In the tradition of previous GSDs, Nike SB organized an event at the West Los Angeles Courthouse to coincide with the unveiling of the newly rebuilt courthouse fountain. First of, the very existence of the courthouse legal skate spot is due to the tireless efforts of Alec Beck and Aaron Snyder. So if you ever run into these guys, you owe them a HUGE high five!! They’ve both been instrumental in persuading the city that this OG spot should be liberated as a legal skate spot as well as working a lot behind the scenes to keep the spot clean and presentable, so that we can continue to skate there. Thank you guys!


As part of this year’s Go Skateboarding Day 2015 festivities, the courthouse ledges were also given a new coat of red paint to mark the occasion, and you can bet that scores turned out to the event. Of course, the event was graced by the skating of Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Blake Carpenter, Nick Boserio, Carlos Ribeiro, Sean Malto and many more (including winners of the Nike SB app “Best Day Ever contest”). Starting at 3pm, participants checked in to receive their event t-shirts and wristbands before a best trick contest went down on the courthouse Stage, the courthouse ledges, and the 4 stair (4 up 4 down). Needless to say, it was total chaos but with some heavy tricks going down.




Antonio Evan was in the (Court)house!!!



Pat Cannon (in blue) with a 50-50 treflip out in the ledge best trick contest.




Alexander Loren with a nollie flip off the stage in the stage best trick contest.


The highlight of the day really of course belonged to the newly rebuilt courthouse fountain 2.0, with an update of banked inside walls, angled iron on the edges and recessed into the ground so that the exterior outside walls are a little lower than the original fountain. Definitely a fun addition to an already amazing spot.


Eric Koston at the inauguration of the new fountain.


Of course Eric Koston got to properly inaugurate the new courthouse feature with a backside flip into the fountain as the first trick. The Nike SB team then proceeded to put on a little demo with a loop line from the fountain, by the inside ledges, to the courthouse stage and back into the fountain. Carlos Ribeiro was a definite standout at the demo with a huge popped nollie front heel into the fountain. Another standout was Yuri Facchini with a massive fakie flip into the fountain. Shane O’Neill of course landed everything with ease and even peppered each of his lines with a couple of flatground tricks in the fountain between tricks into and out of the fountain. And of course, courthouse OG Eric Koston also nailed a pretty sweet switch heel into the fountain showing the young bucks that you can be more than 20 years deep in your pro career and still put it down. Once the demo ended at 6.30pm, it was  a free for all for all present to get a little session in the fountain. Lots of fun was had by all, and this new addition to the courthouse marks another new page in courthouse skateboarding history. Get there and skate this amazing feature already!! If you haven’t already, you should really check out Trilogy for some of the sickest Courthouse footage from back in the day. By the way, Manolo (of Manolo’s tapes) will also be putting out a Courthouse video later this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

And special shout out goes to #StonerLoc Pat Cannon (aka sk8erpat) for killing it in the best trick contest. He landed a backside 50-50 treflip out on the ledge a total of 3 times but didn’t get any love from the judges! C’mon guys!?! Watch out for this kid, he rips! – HK