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Krak Minute – Love Park, Shanghai

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Reese Forbes – Flip manny – Nike SB ‘Nothing But The Truth’
Geoff Rowley – Lipslide – Vans ‘Propeller’
Alex Morin – Lipslide shuvit – Red Dragons ‘Enter The Red Dragon’
Gabriel Summers – Flip bs fifty & bs lip – 5 years at the bottom
Gustav Tonnesen – Bs 180 fakie fifty – Sour Solution
Jorge Simoes – Tailslide flip out – Invicta part
Shane O’neill – Nollie crook – TWS ‘Not Another Transworld Video’

History Clip, Spot

LA Downtown Triple Set

Last update:


Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Jeremy Wray – Ollie – Plan B ‘Second Hand Smoke’
Jeremy Wray – Fakie ollie – TWS ‘The Reason’
Jeremy Wray – Ollie over the rail, nollie, bs nollie, fakie fs ollie – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Ed Selego – Switch Ollie & switch fs 180 – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Nate Jones – Bs 180 – Real ‘Real To Reel’
Don Nguyen – Kickflip – Foundation ‘Cataclysmic Abyss’
Don Nguyen – Heelflip – Baker ‘Bake & Destroy’
Luke Hampton – Bs flip – @luke_hampton
Andrew Reynolds – Fs flip – Indy commercial
Andrew Reynolds – Fullcab – Kill Tapes: Downtown LA Triple Set
Andrew Reynolds – Varial heel – TWS ‘Not Another Transworld Video’
Erik Ellington – Hardflip – The Deathwish Video
Chris Joslin – Ghetto bird – Behind The Clips
Mike Piwowar – Inward – @pwire314
Justin Brock – Treflip – Nike SB ‘Debacle’
Josh Sierra – Bigspinflip – “I Heart Skateboarding”
Yoshi Tanenbaum – Laser flip – Stereo ‘Stereophonic Sound: Volume 8’
Ishod Wair – Fs 360 – Nike SB ‘Chronicles vol.2’
Chris Colbourn – Bs 360 & switch fs heel – Cut & Dry
Auby Taylor – Fakie flip – Auby’s World
Sebo Walker – Switch flip – LAKAI CARROLL 5 ‘OUT OF CONTROL’
Sebo Walker – Switch fs flip & nollie flip – Lakai ‘PICO XLK FEATURE’
Trevor Colden – Nollie bs flip – PUSH part
Cody McEntire – Nollie bs heel & nollie bigspin – Blind ‘Damn’
Tj Rogers – Switch bigspin – Blind ‘Damn’
Justin Figueroa – Switch bs 180 & switch bs flip – Baker ‘Bake & Destroy’
Tyshawn Jones – Switch bs heel – Supreme ‘Blessed’
Paul Rodriguez – Switch Hardflip – Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 7 TV Commercial + behind the scenes
Shane O’Neill – Switch tre – Nike SB ‘Chronicles 2’

History Clip, Spot

Carlsbad, California

The Carlsbad Gap, with it’s many cracks and uphill landing,¬† is a legendary spot. Carlsbad High School has been a stomping ground for pro’s since 1992 when it first appeared in videos. Kris Markovich was the first to step to the gap with a flip trick, beginning the 20 year annihilation. Since then, pros like Jeremy Wray, Tom Penny, Chris Cole, Andrew Reynolds, and countless others have made their mark with every trick imaginable. It was only fitting that Markovich would be the last to ollie the gap on February 23rd, 2012, when the spot was completely demolished. Enjoy this mix of every trick to go down at Carlsbad.

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

РOn Video: Switch Ollie by Rob Dyrdek
– Birdhouse “Feasters”: Ollie by¬†Jeremy Klein; Ollie the stairs by Tony Hawk
-Last time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Nosegrab Tweak by Evan Smith
– Toy Machine “Suffer The Joy”: Tuck-knee by Johnny Layton
– Baker 3: One foot by Antwuan Dixon
– May 09 Roger of the Month: Body Varial by Clint Walker
– Zero “New Blood”: Airwalk by Tony Cervantes
– On Video: Fakie Ollie by Chris Lambert
– Plan B Virtual Reality: Nollie by Danny Way
– Union Wheels “Right To Skate”: B/s 180 by Kris Markovich
– Dreams of Children: Kickflip by Kris Markovich
– 88 “Destroy Everything Now”: Finger Flip by Dave Coyne
– Youtube clip: Lateflip by Bradley Lane; Kickflip Grosman Grab by Shaan Harris; Kickflip Roastbeef by Billy Marks
РRodney Mullen vs Daewon Song Vol.2: Pop Shuvit & Heelflip over the rail by Josh Kasper
РTrilogy: Heelflip, Kickflip over the rail, Tre flip by Josh Kasper
РMuckmouth Video: Hardflip by Josh Kasper
РTWS Footage: Heelflip indy & Tre flip tailgrab by Josh Kasper
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Impossible by Josh Kasper
– Plan B “Second Hand Smoke”: F/s¬†Flip, Switch Back 180, F/s half-cab, Switch F/s 360, Switch F/s flip by¬†Jeremy Wray
РElement Tour: B/s Heel by Jeremy Wray
– TWS “In Bloom”:¬†B/s flip by¬†Alex Gall aka “Trainwreck”
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Front Shuv by Anthony Williams
РYoutube Clip: Varial Heelflip by Jordan Hoffart
– Blind “This Is Not A Test”:¬†Varial Flip by¬†Kevin Romar
– Vox “Black & Blue Vol.4”:¬†Inward heel by¬†Adrian Gepart
– Mystery “Black & White”:¬†Double Flip by¬†Jimmy Carlin
– Battle Commander part: B/s 360 shuv by Shane o’Neil
РBaker 3: B/s Bigspin by Erik Ellington
– Alien Workshop “Mindfield”:¬†Bigspin flip by¬†Tyler Bledsoe
РNetworking with Kappel: B/s 360 by Ernie Torres
– Zero “Dying to Live”:¬†B/s 360 the stairs by¬†Ryan Smith
– Globe “United By Fate 4”: Hardflip & Switch F/s Bigspin by¬†Luan Oliviera
– Expedition One “Alone”:¬†F/s 50-50 by Alphonso Rawls
– Duff Shoes “Wonder Years”:¬†F/s lipslide by¬†Alphonso Rawls
РBaker 3: F/s Board by Richie Belmont
Р1031 Best Of: F/s Tailslide by Dan Nepscha
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: B/s 180 over the rail by Unknown Kid
– Globe “United By Fate 1”: Nollie B/s 180 over the rail by¬†Jake Duncombe
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Double flip over the rail by Silent Mike; 360 flip over the rail by Nick Fiorini; F/s flip over the rail, Nollie B/s board & B/s lipslide by Nick Merlino; F/s Feeble, F/s Nosegrind by Dakota Servold
– Zero “Dying to Live”:¬†Nollie F/s half-cab over the stairs by¬†Jimmy Astleford
Р411VM #58: Nollie F/s half-cab by Florentin Marfaing
РThe Deathwish Video: Switch flip by Jim Greco
Р411VM 13.1: Switch Heel, Switch Varial Heel by Terrell Robinson
Р411VM 60: Switch F/s Heel by Chris Cole
Р411VM 11: Switch F/s Flip by Tom Penny
– DC “Skateboarding Is Forever”:¬†Switch Bs Flip by¬†Greg Myers
– Shorty’s “Guilty”:¬†Switch Hardflip by Brandon Turner
– Emerica “Stay Gold”:¬†Fakie F/s flip, Switch B/s Heel by¬†Andrew Reynolds
РBaker has a Deathwish: Switch B/s Shuv by Andrew Reynolds
– Emerica “This is skateboarding”: B/s Full-Cab by¬†Andrew Reynolds
РBaker 3: Nollie B/s Full-Cab by Andrew Reynolds
– Darkstar “Forward Slash”: Switch F/s 360 by¬†Ryan Decenzo
РToast part: Switch F/s 360 Boneless by Albert Mardrid
– TWS “Let’s Do This”:¬†Switch F/s Bigspin by¬†Devine Calloway
– Fallen “Ride the Sky”:¬†Switch Big Heel by¬†Billy Marks
– Toy Machine “Brainwash”:¬†Nollie Inward Heel by¬†Billy Marks
РBaker 3: Nollie Heel by Antwuan Dixon
РVia Marina: Nollie Flip, Nollie B/s Heel by Furby
РEric Lesar youtube channel: Nollie F/s heel by Nyjah Huston
РLast time contest at the Carlsbad gap: Nollie F/s Flip by Moose
РThe Deathwish Video: Nollie B/s flip by Jim Greco
– Digital “Smoke & Mirrors”:¬†Nollie Bigspin, Nollie Big Heel by¬†Cody McEntire
РThe Bones Video: Nollie F/s 360 by Kevin Romar
– Toy Machine “Suffer The Joy”:¬†Switch Tre flip by¬†Johnny Layton
– Bones “New Ground” & Last time contest at the Carlsbad gap:¬†Switch Big flip by¬†Trevor McClung
– Zero “Strange World”:¬†B/s 360 Kickflip by¬†Chris Cole
РRIP Carlsbad Gap: Last Ollie by Kris Markovich
Рcomputerblueart instagram: ??? by John McGuire

R.I.P Carlsbad Gap 1992 – 2012
History Clip, Spot


Last update:

A 7min edit wasn’t too long for such a legendary spot. Still we really wanted to give you this awesome line-up.¬†Gotta love skateboarding’s progression!

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Transworld ‘The Reason’: line with ollie top set + kickflip the second set by Cairo Foster; back 5-0 by Kenny Reed
– Real ‘Real to Reel’: nollie noseslide by Cairo Foster
– Antisocial video: fs flip by Rick McCrank
– ‘Is what it Is’: Layback bs boardslide by Scott Bourne
– Zero ‘Cold War’: impossible fifty by Jamie Thomas
– ‘Chomp on This’: fs board by Jamie Thomas
– Girl ‘Mouse’: fs fifty by Sean Sheffey; bs fifty by Eric Koston
– Element ‘Third Eye View’: fs 5-0 by Kris Markovich
– Shorty’s ‘Guilty’: line with tailslide + switch noseslide by Chad Muska
– Antihero ‘Cash Money Vagrant’: nosegrind by Frank Gerwer
– Girl ‘Yeah Right’: nollie back 5-0 by Eric Koston; nollie heel nose & nollie flip noseslide by Justin Eldridge
– Osiris ‘Subject to Change’: back fifty footplant by Jerry Hsu
– Real ‘Roll Forever’: back 5-0 revert & nollie bs noseblunt by Darell Stanton
– Transworld ‘Free your Mind’: transfert fs blunt & nollie fs180 to sw 5-0 by Darell Stanton; tailslide shuv by Van Wastell; nollie noseblunt by Jack Curtin; flip crook by Cale Nuske
– 411 .48: backtail by Anthony Mosley
– Baker ‘Bootleg 99’: bs lip by Heath Kirchart
– Transworld ‘Sight Unseen’: blunt by John Cardiel
– Flip ‘Sorry’: fs blunt by Arto Saari; sw tail & flip back 5-0 & nollie flip fifty by Mark Appleyard
– rookie 411 .37: noseblunt by John Rattray
– Youtube Clip: back noseblunt by Tommy Fynn; boneless tail by Justin Blake
– Berrics part ‘Gold Record Debut’: tre noseslide by Tommy Fynn
– The Firm ‘Can’t stop the firm’: fs crook by Jani Laitiala
– Shep Dawgs vol4: hurricane by Riley Hawk
– Baker 2G: fs180 fakie nosegrind by Dustin Dollin
– 411 14.2: bs 180 nosegrind by Daryl Angel
– Darkstar ‘Forward Slash’: bs 180 fakie fifty & sw 180 to 5-0 & ollie over to board & fs 180 sw crook by Ryan Decenzo; bigspin noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– ‘Bust or Bail 2’: fs 180 fifty by Daniel Lutheran; halfcab fifty & back 180 over by Tafari Whitter; fakie crook & fakie flip fifty & sw heel 5-0 by Paul Hart; nollie tail by Joey Ragali; hardflip over by Drake Johnson; sw fifty & sw shuvit boardslide by Justin Figueroa; flip over all by Aaron “Jaws” Homoki; sw back lip by Nick Merlino; shuvit fifty by Forrest Edwards; bigspin boardslide by Terrell Newell; bigspin backtail by Shane O’Neill; heelflip crook by Jonathan Perez
– Real ‘Since Day One’: alley oop front 180 sw back 50 by James Hardy; sw backtail by Chima Ferguson
– Flip ‘Really Sorry’: line with sw 180 fifty by Geoff Rowley
– Girl ‘Pretty Sweet’: fakie fifty by Elijah Berle; boneless lip by Brian Anderson; sw bluntslide by Vincent Alvarez
– Thrasher part ‘Auby’s World’: fakie backtail & flip back over by Auby Taylor
– Deathwish video: fullcab noseslide by Brian “Slash” Hansen
– Think ‘iThink’: nollie front noseslide by Adam Dyet
– Real ‘Seeing Double’: nollie crook by JT Aultz
– 411 .60: transfert noseblunt by JT Aultz
– 19th Ave: nollie boardslide to fakie by Alex Conns; fs 36 over by Daniel Dubois
– Digital ‘Get Tricks or Die Tryin’: nollie 180 sw crook by Bjorn Johnson
– Plan B ‘True’: nollie flip fifty by Chris Joslin; transfert bs lip by Torey Pudwill
– LRG ‘Give me my money chico’: sw bs 5-0 by Jack Curtin
– FTC part: sw crook by Jack Curtin
– DGK ‘Parental Advisory’: sw flip fifty & sw back lip by Jack Curtin
– Instagram clip: lip to 5-0 revert by Sam Baker
– Meeps video: wallie boardslide & wallie fifty by George Klioriatis
– Black Label ‘God save the label’: wallie fs board by Jason Adams
– Dekline ‘True Blue’: sw wallie boardslide by Ryan Spencer
– ‘Static 4’: wallie fs fifty by Jake Johnson
– Thrasher Magnified: wallie crook by AJ Zavala; ollie over all by Milton Martinez
– Vox part: wallie blunt by Shawn Hale
– Pack of Hydes part: wallie 180 fakie 5-0 by Wes Kremer
– Death ‘Better than Life’: fastplant by Richie Jackson
– XGames 17 real street: nollie fastplant by Eli Reed
– ‘Mark and Matt Clipper Ledge Tricks’: 180 over by Mark
– On Video ‘Spring 02’: flip over by Caswell Berry
– Sus Monts: fs flip over by Ben Stewart
– Zero ‘Strange World’: flip front board & flip back over by Jamie Tancowny
– Think ‘Business as Usual’: sw flip over by Cody McEntire
– Birdhouse ‘The Beginning’: sw lip by Sean Eaton
– Habitat ‘Mosaic’: sw bs fifty by Anthony Pappalardo
– Nike SB ‘Chronicles 2’: sw front blunt by Ishod Wair
– Mystery Promo 2008: sw noseblunt by Pete Eldridge
– Slap ‘One in a million 2010 ep.13’: tre fifty by Forrest Edwards; flip 5-0 by Reuben Barrack
– Unhinged part: tre 5-0 by Forrest Edwards
– Circa ‘It’s time’: fs shuv 5-0 by Colt Cannon; flip tailslide by Jon Allie
– Supreme / Thrasher ‘Sickness’: shuvit fifty by Kevin Bradley
– Thrasher part ‘Last Call’: hardflip back 5-0 by Nyjah Huston
– The Berrics ‘Spring Fling’: bigheel noseslide by Greg Lutzka
– Epxedition One ‘Gone Fishin’: flip back noseblunt by Ryan Gallant


We still had some tricks in mind but didn’t succeed to find them – feel free to tell us where they are in the comments section:
– nollie fs blunt by Tommy Sandoval
– wallie bs 5-0 by Shawn Hale
– the first back noseblunt landed there by Darell Stanton (Thrasher cover when he was 16!)
– fakie tail by Jeremy Reeves


Go Skateboarding Day 2015 – West Los Angeles Courthouse

Go Skateboarding Day (aka GSD) falls on 21st June and coincides with the longest day in the northern hemisphere. In the tradition of previous GSDs, Nike SB organized an event at the West Los Angeles Courthouse to coincide with the unveiling of the newly rebuilt courthouse fountain. First of, the very existence of the courthouse legal skate spot is due to the tireless efforts of Alec Beck and Aaron Snyder. So if you ever run into these guys, you owe them a HUGE high five!! They’ve both been instrumental in persuading the city that this OG spot should be liberated as a legal skate spot as well as working a lot behind the scenes to keep the spot clean and presentable, so that we can continue to skate there. Thank you guys!


As part of this year’s Go Skateboarding Day 2015 festivities, the courthouse ledges were also given a new coat of red paint to mark the occasion, and you can bet that scores turned out to the event. Of course, the event was graced by the skating of Eric Koston, Shane O‚ÄôNeill, Blake Carpenter, Nick Boserio, Carlos Ribeiro, Sean Malto and many more (including winners of the Nike SB app “Best Day Ever contest”). Starting at 3pm, participants checked in to receive their event t-shirts and wristbands before a best trick contest went down on the courthouse Stage, the courthouse ledges, and the 4 stair (4 up 4 down). Needless to say, it was total chaos but with some heavy tricks going down.




Antonio Evan was in the (Court)house!!!



Pat Cannon (in blue) with a 50-50 treflip out in the ledge best trick contest.




Alexander Loren with a nollie flip off the stage in the stage best trick contest.


The highlight of the day really of course belonged to the newly rebuilt courthouse fountain 2.0, with an update of banked inside walls, angled iron on the edges and recessed into the ground so that the exterior outside walls are a little lower than the original fountain. Definitely a fun addition to an already amazing spot.


Eric Koston at the inauguration of the new fountain.


Of course Eric Koston got to properly inaugurate the new courthouse feature with a backside flip into the fountain as the first trick. The Nike SB team then proceeded to put on a little demo with a loop line from the fountain, by the inside ledges, to the courthouse stage and back into the fountain. Carlos Ribeiro was a definite standout at the demo with a huge popped nollie front heel into the fountain. Another standout was Yuri Facchini with a massive fakie flip into the fountain. Shane O’Neill of course landed everything with ease and even peppered each of his lines with a couple of flatground tricks in the fountain between tricks into and out of the fountain. And of course, courthouse OG Eric Koston also nailed a pretty sweet switch heel into the fountain showing the young bucks that you can be more than 20 years deep in your pro career and still put it down. Once the demo ended at 6.30pm, it was¬† a free for all for all present to get a little session in the fountain. Lots of fun was had by all, and this new addition to the courthouse marks another new page in courthouse skateboarding history. Get there and skate this amazing feature already!! If you haven’t already, you should really check out Trilogy for some of the sickest Courthouse footage from back in the day. By the way, Manolo (of Manolo’s tapes) will also be putting out a Courthouse video later this year, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

And special shout out goes to #StonerLoc Pat Cannon (aka sk8erpat) for killing it in the best trick contest. He landed a backside 50-50 treflip out on the ledge a total of 3 times but didn’t get any love from the judges! C’mon guys!?! Watch out for this kid, he rips! – HK








History Clip, Spot

History Clip – Wallenberg, San Francisco

Last update:

Wallenberg. The spot that needs no introduction. When you think of the lyrics to the song “I left my heart in San Francisco”, you might want to add “and left a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears and some skin at Wallenburg.” This legendary four block has been a fixture in skateboarding for years. And at 22 feet 6 inches long, is the epitome of intimidating. The Gonz really opened our minds to what’s possible when he ollied it back in 1991. And with change being the only constant, more and more took up the gauntlet and tried something down the big, long 4 block.

Wallenberg Andrew Reynolds 1

With the floodgates opened by Gonz’s ollie, we saw skateboarding’s ABD list extended in increasingly quick succession with Diego Bucchieri’s backside 180, Frank Gerwer’s kickflip, Danny Gonzalez’s kickflip melon and more. We’ve compiled a list of ABDs below and you can peep our video compilation of those very tricks above. It’s 2015, and as “Shane Goes”, Wallenberg has now been nollie back heeled. Gotta love skateboarding’s progression!

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Video Days (1991): ollie by Mark Gonzales
– backside 180 by Diego Bucchieri
– 411: kickflip by Frank Gerwer
– Transworld’s “The Reason” (1999): kickflip melon by Danny Gonzalez
– 411vm 66: pop-shove by Steve Nesser
– Youtube: pop-shove melon by Jeremy Reeves
– Transworld’s “Free Your Mind”: switch frontside 180 by Tony Manfre
– Thrasher’s “High Noon at the Big Four” (2004): frontside flip by Andrew Reynolds; switch backside 180 by Darrell Stanton; heelflip by Lindsey Robertson
– Thrasher’s “Back to the Berg” (2009): varial heel by Jordan Hoffart; switch heel by Nick Merlino; backside 360 & switch frontside flip by Chris Cole; backside bigspin by Cody McEntire; hardflip by Andrew Pott; backside heelflip by Lindsey Robertson; one-footed backside 180 and stair clip & airwalk by Lizard King
– Zero “New Blood”: treflip by Chris Cole
– Emerica “Stay Gold”: backside flip by Andrew Reynolds
– Thrasher: switch flip by Forrest Edwards; switch backside flip by DJ Gaudin; nollie backside heelflip by Shane O’Neill
– Enjoy “Oververt”: backside nollie 180 by Zach Wallin


Streets Is Talkin’: Shane Goes

In this installment of Streets is Talkin’, we showcase none other than Australian powerhouse Shane O’Neill’s new street part “Shane Goes” by Skate Mental and Thrasher Magazine.

Shane Goes 1 Shane did what at Wallenberg? Wait, is that VX?

Skate Mental’s Shane O’Neill has been on a tear for the past 5 years, putting out a non-stop barrage of NBDs that make it seem like his skateboarding is perpetually on video game mode. If you think you’ve seen it all, be prepared to be blown away even more by this part.

Shane Oneill 1Without giving too much away, he opens the video with a heavy NBD at Wallenberg(the 9 club!). Has a switch flip backlip on a rail, plus a crooked grind nollie flip late flip out on a rail. Oh and he so casually bigspin backlips the Sylmar rail and switch flips a triple set in the rain.

We also dig the choice of Beach House as the soundtrack. And we think we might have broken the rewind button on our comp!! Filmed and edited by James James. Go watch this now!!

Shane rides for Skate Mental, Thunder Trucks, Grizzly Grip, Spitfire Wheels, FKD Bearings, Nike SB, Fourstar Clothing, Monster, Diamond