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    Barcelona: its historical street scene

    The Krak team is exploring the world (whaat? yep we’re working hard to build some cool stuff for all of us!). Our very first 2015 stop: BARCELONA! The best street scene worldwide?…

  • Crew, Interviews, Krakens

    Pintodd crew

    You may have noticed them in the app: The Pintodd crew is one of the most famous crew and keeps exciting us with their vids and pics. Based in Lyon (France) often rippin’…

  • Interviews, Krakens

    Inspiration: Manuel Rampl

    Today you will discover this bro!! Manu joined the KRAK Gang early December and he’s ripping it so far!! KRAKED #3, KRAKED #4, KRAKED #6 and KRAKED #9 he is everywhere, gifted you…

  • Kraked!

    #2 – KRAKED!

    What happened last week on KRAK? Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) that we had the chance to notice in the app. This week we have 2 skaters…

  • Interviews, Krakens

    Virgile (Paris, France)

    Let me introduce you this guy, he’s our Krak homies in Paris. What’s up Virgile? Everything great thanks! Just back from a sesh in the north of paris at EGP, of course…

  • Kraked!

    #1- KRAKED!

    What happened last week on KRAK? You must have seen in your feed some rad videos this week! We’ve really surprised by the level of those guys and recommend you to check…