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  • Pindejo x Lucas Beaufort x Krak Collab Pin
    Box, Mag


    A collab’ always feels special right? We were so down to have teamed up with artist Lucas Beaufort and Mikendo, founder of Pindejo for a special project. If you’ve been part of the…

  • Interviews, Mag

    Artist Interview – Alfonso de Anda

    The following interview was originally featured in the print Krak Mag issue 2 that shipped with KrakBox #2 that shipped in June 2015. Don’t want to miss the next issue of the…

  • Box

    New Product: Introducing the KrakBox

    Today is a big day at Krak. Our entire team has been working super hard to bring you our newest product, the KrakBox!! Here’s a brief introduction to what our KrakBox is,…

  • Interviews

    Youngblood: Satoshi Ikeda

    One of the most amazing things about skateboarding is that you get to meet all kinds of unique and interesting people through our shared love for riding a little four-wheeled plank of…