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Krak Minute – Blue Rail, Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Diego Bucchieri – Fs 180 over – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Kyle Nicholson – Bs 180 – Selfish – Mi Amor
Cato Williams – Boardslide, feeble – Team Ice Cream vol.1
Terell Robinson – Fs smith – Selfish ‘Mi Amor’
Josh Harmony – Fs tailslide – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Tosh Townend – Fs 5-0 – This is my Element
Michael Pulizzi – Fs nosegrind – Pizza ‘Que Aproveche’
Nassim Guammaz – Fs noseslide – Element ‘Hold It Down’
Vincent Milou – Fs blunt – Globe part
Paul Machnau – Bs smith – Globe ‘United By Fate Ep.1’
Henry Gartland – Flip fs fifty – Santa Cruz ‘Til The End’
Mathias Torres – Fs 270 lipslide – Suichi
Terell Robinson – Treflip lipslide – Selfish ‘Mi Amor’
Elijah Berle – Fs fifty all the way – Vans ‘Spinning Away’

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Hollywood Bowl Hubba Ledge

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– eS ‘Menikmati’: noseslide by Eric Koston
– Girl ‘Yeah Right’: frontside 50-50 by Rick McCrank
– Thrasher ‘Possessed to Skate’: backside 50-50 by David Gonzalez
– Vans ‘Propeller’: frontside 180 nosegrind by Dustin Dollin
– Thrasher ‘Double Down Part’: 5-0 revert by Ryan Decenzo
– Grizzly ad 2014: frontside tailslide by Terell Robinson (check out the full ad here)