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Pintodd crew

You may have noticed them in the app: The Pintodd crew is one of the most famous crew and keeps exciting us with their vids and pics. Based in Lyon (France) often rippin’ HDV (understand here« Hotel de Ville » iconic spot) they are hungry enough to krak the world.

“Yo les chicken dips! Can you explain the name of your crew.

Felix : so we were just some friends hangin out together some times to hit the streets. During one of these sesh, we just tripped on the word “pintade” that means “guinea fowl” in french. The following evening, I proposed them to create a team, a crew, and we choose the name “Pintodd” cause it sounds like “pintade”, but is a bit different. The double ‘d’ at the end is much better, it sounds better. So in fact, we are the ‘GuineaFowl Crew‘ haha!

“Who are you, where did you met?

Enzo : first, we are French, we are ‘lyonnais’ (from Lyon). We’re skateboarders who just skate and laugh out loud. We all met in HdV (hotel de ville) and progressively we’ve been skating together.

“Do you have a motto? Something core to Pintodd crew?

‘Fuck da police!’ haha

Who’s the most funny in the crew?

Tibo: I guess the most funny is Harry, cause he’s always doing shit, talking shit. 

(translation “My new GoPro”)

– The most talented?

David: ME
Harry: No it’s me!
Aurelien: Shut up guyz, you all know I am the best! Haha
Enzo: There is no real comparison between us, and that’s true: we all know the best is Aurelien. He progresses so fast that’s incredible.

– The most fucked-up?

Felix: Harry

-The chicks addict?

Haha make your own idea

tibo enzo

“Any favorite spot in Lyon (after HDV of course)?

David: We often skate in X-Rousse or in Confluence.

“Any annecdote about a skate sesh?

Aurelien: We have always funny bails but we remember this sesh in a lil park in Lyon (Blandan): skate friends and sun was the perfect combo, we don’t need anything else!


(translation: “Max doesn’t like cheap lemonade”)

“Do you have sponsors?

Tibo: except Aurélien, none of us have sponsors, but some are doing the best to search one. Video coming soon 😉

“Where can we find ya?

KRAK OF COURSE and also in HdV ! Enjoy your day, go hit the streets and FUCK DA POLICE!



>> Pintoodd crew >>
Aurelien Giraud, Enzo Di Litta, David Vernay, Harry Bertrand, Max Colombel, Tibo Rebie, Félix Baillet.

#7 – KRAKED!

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. Last one was special due to Xmas but we’re still out there shreddin’ the streets and so do you apparently! It makes us really happy. Keep on pushin’

Well let’s start w/ this special piece of street art by Virgile in Paris.


Here are the videos:

Virgile de Vile (again; you were on fire this week bro): nice bowl party
Felix Baillet: w/ a double pole jam (and a pretty rad krak tag man)
Tibo Rebie: watch the Pintode Crew in action (heyy we see Felix again)
Amelien Foures: ahem looks like you love bs smith on that hubba! regular, bs out and flip bs smith… sick!
Joseph Garbaccio: you thought a switch 180 over the stairs was enough… check the following 360

And the best staff pics are:


Here are the direct links to share them w/ your folks:

Felix; Marius; Siooo; Jeremiah

Check them out into the app > Menu > Find Skaters

Picture © eep! [Theory Propaganda]


#6 – KRAKED!

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. And today we’ve a surprise for you…we created “direct links” for all your sick content : Copy / paste them in your texts / whatsapp discussions / messenger and so on, it’s time to spread folks!
ABOVE ALL: enjoy and keep on pushin’

Here are the videos:

David Vernay: you liked that rail apparently
Kevin Ozcan: weeks after weeks you krak that park man, keep on killin’ it
Camborob: NO, your fakie FS flips aren’t ugly at all
– myself filming: the ollie is sick, but the end is fun (filmer was fine and laughed of course)
Anthony Renaud: your flip back is really sick
Jeremiah Belledin: remember the guy who blasted 15 stack (well check out here if not)? He’s back, always higher and w/ a hell of a style!

And the best staff pics are:


And here are the direct links to enjoy them in front of your screen and share them to your folks:

Manuel; Kevin; Arthur; Florian; Joseph; Arthur

Check them out into the app > Menu > Find Skaters

Picture © Edward Conde


#5 – KRAKED!

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. BANG! New record so far: one guy put no 1, no 2, no 3 but 4 pics in the KRAKED of the week. Congrats Arthur Clement-Bollee! Keep on pushin’

A lot of videos to watch last week with:

– your servant, Kevin Straszburger at Stoner Skate Plaza; I tried different effects + some dudes were literally on fire
– Amiel Kornicki at Big 9 Stairs; really nice flip over the stairs bro
Flo Stoker at New Spot DIY Hangar; first your hangar is sick! second we love your flip front
Amiel Kornicki again at 3 blocks Quai de Seine; bang that tre-flip!
Matteo O’Skati at Republique; nice flip!
– another tre-flip over the stairs w/ Felix Baillet at Hotel de Ville (HdV)
Jules at Place de Saint-Gervais; looks like a firing line or what?

And the best staff pics are:



Check them out in the KRAK app > Menu > Find Skaters


Picture © SaMoBiker


#4 – KRAKED!

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. And we have one magician who made it to all of them so far; congrats to you Billy#1#2#3 and now here; great job!
A big up to Manuel as well cause today we’ve 3 pics man, best score so far! Keep on pushin’

And THE video to watch last week was:

Kevin Ozcan at EGP18; well it was simply a tre-flip overcrook on the rail!!

And the best staff pics are:



Check them out into the KRAK app > Menu > Find Skaters

Picture © Brian Kim


West L.A. Courthouse

Thanks to Kev and Roy for the vid’.

The revival of a legendary spot

Good things are going on in L.A. and the reopening of the West LA Courthouse past July is one of them. During the late 90’s this street spot became really popular among skaters. Locals and pros were enjoying the multitude of ledges, empty fountain, four stair set and stage. Alec Beck, Aaron Snyder and the Stoner Skatepark Association were instrumental in making the Courthouse a legal skate spot again. They approached the city and Nike SB to make it all happen. So Nike took the occasion of the “Go Skateboarding Day” to restorate and re-opened to public this iconic spot.

Nike Opening past July 25, 2014.


Copyrights: John Pangilinan and Charlie Lopez (#axis_photography) courtesy of Nike SB. Featuring Eric Koston, Paul Rodriguez, Luan Oliveira, Theotis Beasley , Council members…etc.

>> More info by The Hundreds.

What the Homies say about it…

Brent Strittmater
“First thing that comes to mind is the perfect blue ledges there that the city actually made legal to skate and second… I don’t want to ever be there for any other reason besides skating haha”

Kevin Wisleder
“I picture it as the Nike spot for technical skaters who like to film ledge lines.”

Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK!

Into the app – vol 1

At Krak we’re deep believers in Design. Isn’t it awesome to have a clear and simple app for skateboarding pictures and videos? We truly aim at offering you the best experience possible so we have been working hard on new features that totally transform our world into an amazing playground for skateboarders.

#1 Explore

You may have noticed a new “explore sign” on the home page. This is the most exciting feature ever! Go find out new spots and identify clearly if it is street, park, shop or private spot thanks to their pictograms. You are now able to check a spot and vizualise real pictures shot by the Krak community. This is powerful and priceless. But wait ? Yeah the app is free!

spots map explore


#2 Add favorite spots to your Wishlist

We all dream of skating golden spots like West LA Court House, Venice Skatepark, Stoner Plaza, Republique…but even more to find the sickest spot ever downtown. Timing here is everything but Krak has a solution for you: Create a wishlist and save the spots you wanna krak later!

  • Go to Menu > Wishlist
  • Create a new wishlist by giving it a name and adding a caption
  • Now you can just save any spot you find on the app.

wishlist 2

Thinking of riding some ledges after school/work?
The app locates all the  spots around you, you can easily identify the street spots and add them to your wishlist.

Looking for skateparks near your holiday house?
Check it out easily on Krak and add them to your wishlist.

You just saw a kickass vid on the app and love the spot?
No worries, just save it for later.

You asked, we did.

#3 Create your Crew

Clearly, this is your area! You build your own crew, include your homies and show to the world how cool it is.

Make the most of it in 3 simple steps :

  • Go to Menu > Crew
  • Follow a crew or Create one by using the “+” button!
  • Ask friends to join the crew: with the search bar for existing Krak users, otherwise bring them in!

So who’s gonna be the most badass crew on KRAK? Can’t wait to see and write about it soon! Stay tuned here in the mag…


Last but not least, you can now shout out loud what spot you are riding at the moment thanks to the KRAK IN feature. As soon as you kraked in, a message will be displayed on your feed. Easy to invite homies to join for a skate session.

kraked in page

Yeah…it is true you can totally KRAK THE WORLD now!


#3 – KRAKED!

What happened last week on KRAK?

Every week we highlight the most inspiring content (both videos and pics) in the app. Some peeps seem to be accustomed to that level of quality and we congratulate them: Billy and Robin. They both made it to #1 and #2; we’re stoked.
Oh and we noticed a crew from Chattanooga, it worths the ‘follow’ trust us. Keep on pushin’

Check the videos:

Billy Bob at Skatepark of Rouen; man, you look really happy after your flip bs tailslide, congrats bro
Davin Daum at CSLA; I guess some peeps study there but I’d prefer the ones who shred! Demetrius Brooks is krakin’ there too w/ a pretty sick tre-flip
Drew Phillips at Chattown; and here is another member of the Nooga Crew
– Robin Fournier at Plaza de Armas; for a beautiful overcrook like we love
Allan Arma at DIY Spot de Port Louis; w/ some great tre-flip and switch tre-flip

And the best staff pics are:



Wanna see more? Find them on KRAK!