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History clip updated – Le Dome 3flat4, Paris

This double set has seen a fair amount of tricks done since our first spot retrospective! Here is the roll of honor:

Franck Barattiero – Ollie – Puzzle 8
Vincent Bressol – Bs 180 – Cliché ‘Europa’
Stephane Larance – Kickflip – Lordz ‘Conspiracy’
Mathieu Hilaire – Bs flip – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
Andrew Reynolds – Fs flip – Altamont ‘Foreigners’
Stefan Janoski – Switch flip – Expedition One ‘Alone’
Armand Vaucher – Wallie + bs 180 fakie fifty – Giddy #05
Yann Garin – No-comply up – Nozbone Welcome part
Flo Marfaing – Ollie up + flip up – Lordz ‘They don’t give a fuck about us’
Flo Marfaing – Fs nollie – 411VM 13.3
Chris Pfanner – Fakie ollie – Vans ‘Propeller’
Paul Trochu – Airwalk – Cosyride ’78 Jump Street’
Corey Duffel – Bs fifty – Homeboy part
Hermann Stene – Bs 360 – Instagram
Benjamin Garcia – Bs 360 – Instagram
Dashawn Jordan – Lazer flip – Next New Wave part
Na-Kel Smith – Pop shuvit – Pussy Gangster
Na-Kel Smith – Nollie hardflip – Supreme ‘Blessed’
Tyshawn Jones – Hardflip – Adidas ‘Away days’
Tyshawn Jones – Switch tre – Supreme ‘Blessed’

If you wanna ‘binge-watch’ again the very first El Toro clip we’ve made, follow this link:


History Clip, Spot

Sants ‘RIP’ Low To High Ledge, Barcelona

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Steffie Weiss – Bs fifty – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
– Rick McCrank – Bs nosegrind – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– Brian Anderson – Bs nosegrind shuvit – Nike SB ‘On Tap’
– Bemo – Fs noseslide – Puzzle 17
– Gabriel Engelke – Bs tailslide & bs tailslide shuvit – Puzzle 16
– Louie Barletta – Fs 5-0 to switch crook – Osiris ‘Subject To Change’
– Henning Braaten – Fs tailslide to switch crook – Puzzle 31
– Henning Braaten – Fs tailslide to 5-0 – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
– Kerry Getz – Fs 180 fakie nosegrind revers – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Wieger Van Wageningen – Fs tailslide flip out – Nike SB ‘On Tap’
– Jerry Svensson – Fs tailslide heelflip out – Puzzle 20
– Rudy Johnson – Bs bluntslide – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– Ryan Sheckler – Bs bluntslide to fakie – Almost ‘Round 3’
– Love Eneroth – Fs nosebluntslide & switch bs bluntslide – Puzzle 16
– Louie Barletta – Fs Bluntslide to fakie – Osiris ‘Subject To Change’
– Unknown – Switch tailslide & switch tailslide bigspin out – Puzzle 20
– Fred Gall – Switch 5-0 to tailslide – Habitat ‘Mosaic’
– Unknown – Nollie crook – Puzzle 22
– Johnny Layton – Nollie crook manny – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
– Scott Johnston – Fakie tailslide to manny – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– Thomas Nielsen – Nollie nosegrind – Puzzle 30
– Vincent Bressol – Fakie 5-0 – Cliché ‘Freedom Fries’
– Lucas Puig – Halfcab 5-0 revers – Cliché ‘Freedom Fries’
– Kerry Getz – Halfcab crook – Habitat ‘Mosaic’
– Brian Anderson – Halfcab blunt & halfcab blunt to fakie – Nike SB ‘On Tap’
– Bertrand Soubrier – Fs shuvit bs nosegrind – Chill ‘Filming Crazy’
– Thibaud Fradin – Flip bs nosegrind – Square ‘No Place Like Home’
– Eero Anttila – Flip crook – Puzzle 26
– Kerry Getz – Flip crook to fakie – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Mike Taylor – Pop shuvit crook – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Jan Kliewer – Nollie bs 5-0 fs revers – Cliché ‘Bon Appetit’
– Torey Pudwill – Nollie flip bs 5-0 – DVS ‘Skate More’
– Alex Van Hoecke – Nollie bs bluntslide to fakie – Puzzle 29
– JB Gillet – Nollie fs 180 to switch 5-0 revers – Lordz ‘They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us’
– Josh Kalis – Switch crook – The Dc Video
– Thibaud Fradin – Switch nosegrind – Cliché ‘Bon Appetit’
– JJ Rousseau – Switch bs 5-0 – Puzzle 16
– Kenny Anderson – Switch bs 5-0 revers – Girl ‘Yeah Right’
– JJ Rousseau – Switch heel bs 5-0 – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’
– Raymond Molinar – Switch fs crook – Habitat ‘Inhabitants’
– Florentin Marfaing – Switch bs 180 to bs 5-0 fs revers – Chill ‘Filming Crazy’
– Marc Johnson – Treflip noseslide – Lakai ‘Fully Flared’

History Clip, Spot

HDV 3 Blocks, Creteil

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Antiz ‘OAF’: ollie to 50-50 by Sam Partaix
– Puzzle 1: kickflip & switch flip by Nao Nussbaum
– Lordz ‘They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us’: b/s flip by Nao Nussbaum; switch ollie & f/s nollie & fakie heelflip by Franck Barattiero; nollie b/s flip by Stephane Larance
– Puzzle 14: f/s flip & b/s nollie by Henning Braaten
– Cliché ‘Europa’: fakie f/s halfcab & fakie flip & f/s heelflip by Geoffrey Van Hove; full cab by Vincent Bressol
– Fried Fried West Tour: b/s 180 & fakie ollie & halfcab & heelflip & f/s shove-it & varial heelflip by Douwe Macare
– Instagram clip: hardflip by Alex Hermann; inward heelflip by Gaetan Le Gorbelec; f/s 180 late shove-it & fakie ollie late shove-it by Benjamin Garcia; b/s 180 late flip by Goekhan Eray
– Youtube clip: b/s bigspin by Daniel Ledermann
– Cliché ‘Bon Appetit’: halfcab flip & b/s heelflip by Vincent Bressol
– Square commercial: nollie heelflip by Thibaud Fradin
– Puzzle 6: nollie flip by Stephane Larance
– Behind The French Fred Scenes ‘Flip Team Visiting Tom Penny’: switch heelflip & switch f/s flip & nollie b/s heelflip & switch varial heelflip by Bastien Salabanzi
– Hawai Surf ‘Time For Some Action’: full cab flip by Bastien Salabanzi; 360 flip tailgrab by Pierre Borde; 360 shove-it & switch inward revert & switch 360 flip revert by Adrien Bulard
– Aeon commercial: switch bigspin heelflip by Franck Barattiero
– éS ‘Menikmati’: switch b/s flip by Rodrigo TX
– Adidas Skateboarding ‘Paris Feature’: switch f/s 180 & switch bigspin by Lem Villemin
– Adidas Skateboarding ‘Diagonal’: nollie b/s shove-it & nollie varial heelflip by Lem Villemin
– Chill video: nollie varial flip by Luy-Pa Sin; nollie cab & switch 360 flip by Florentin Marfaing
– Altamont ‘The Foreigners’: b/s 360 by Andrew Reynolds
– 411.13.3: switch f/s 360 by Florentin Marfaing
– Cliché ‘Freedom Fries’: fakie f/s flip by Cale Nuske; switch b/s heelflip Lucas Puig
– Adidas ‘Away Days’: fakie varial heelflip by Lucas Puig
– Nike SB ‘The Bird Is The World’: switch hardflip & lazer flip & switch f/s heelflip by Paul Rodriguez
– ‘Deux Jours a Paris’: 360 flip by Adrien Bulard
– Jart ‘Welcome to the Pro Team’: bigspin flip by Adrien Bulard
– Jart ‘Out of Frames’: switch inward by Adrien Bulard
– Blind ‘IOU’: switch late flip by Sewa Kroetkov

History Clip, Spot

Matonge, Brussels

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Puzzle 8: ollie by Geoffrey Van Hove
– Area02: frontside flip by Geoffrey Van Hove
– Puzzle 14: backside flip by Vincent Bressol
– Silence Skateboards ‘ZAP.01’: hardflip by Leo Fernandes

Leo is part of a new european board brand called Silence Skateboards. As a bonus here’s the full ‘ZAP.01’ video:

ZAP.01 from Silence skateboards on Vimeo.

History Clip, Spot

3flat4 Le Dome, Paris

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Puzzle 8: ollie by Franck Barattiero
– Cliché ‘Europa’: backside 180 by Vincent Bressol
– Lordz ‘Conspiracy’: flip by Stephane Larance
– Square ‘No Place Like Home’: backside flip by Mathieu Hilaire
– Expedition One ‘Alone’: switch flip by Stefan Janoski
– Lordz ‘They don’t give a fuck about us’: ollie up flip up by Flo Marfaing
– 411 13.3: frontside nollie by Flo Marfaing

History Clip, Spot

Foch, Lyon

Last update:

Foch is located in Lyon’s city center. And as you can see here on the map, it’s surrounded by some pretty famous spots, including (probably) the most popular one outside of the city: Hotel de Ville (HdV). When you’re at HdV you just need to cross the river and from the bridge you’ll see this:


We all call it ‘Foch’ cause that’s the name of the closest subway station.

The one thing that instantly surprises everyone the first time they reach this spot is the graffiti. Now remember you’re in the city center of a French city with a lot of history so typically speaking, graffiti is not a familiar part of the landscape. But here it’s different. I remember growing up there (I had the chance to spend few years in a street right next to the quay) and seeing different street artists every week (if not every day).

There is also a mini skatepark down the quay. They recently changed it but here is what the new one looks like:


With the mini ramp on the top and the street area down there, you can be sure that you’ll always have somone on the bridge watching you skate. Back when I was growing up, I loved the atmosphere there, and I literally learned to skate there. I was there everyday after school with my homies (and sometimes during lunch as well cause our school wasn’t too far away). I mean, what’s better than a good 30min mini session before heading back to school?

The Foch mini ramp is really popular in Lyon and let’s say skaters are super lucky to have a mini ramp to practice on right in the ciy’s center with a cool atmosphere and a great view. Regular events are also held there like the last Jam Session Supra x Wall Street (here’s a clip from the app).

But what drives people really crazy is definitely the hubba! Man this hubba is huge. And you have a 5 meter drop on one side so you’ve got to admit it’s pretty scary. And to top it off, the bend in the middle is quite hard to handle if you want to grind, slide or roll the whole length. The hubba itself is around 40 cm wide.

Finally, and thanks to Cliche (Jeremie Daclin has always been super active in the scene!) the spot is still evolving, with new features being added.


Here is Adrien Coillard, utilizing one of the newer additions to the spot. Peep our edit of the best tricks that have gone down at Foch above, and let us know what you think!


History Clip, Spot

Le Dome, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Last update:

Le Dome is the name that Paris skaters gave to the spot in front of Le Palais de Tokyo, a modern and contemporary art museum. Calling this spot an icon of the Paris street skating scene is probably a gross understatement. Which is why we decided to make this little edit featuring Jereme Rogers, Vincent Bressol, Arto Saari, Eric Koston, Rick McCrank, Chris Cole, Colt Cannon, Alex Carolino, Rodrigo Teixeira, Thibaud Fradin, Flo Marfaing, Max Geronzi and Mark Suciu.

When you think of Le Dome what probably comes to mind is the 3-flat-3 double set and the pairs of huge hubbas down the stairs. But let’s also not forget that since marble has the sweetest pop, the marble ground there makes the spot also really epic for flatground. This spot became a must visit spot for visiting pros in the late 90s and early 2000s, and some really heavy tricks went down there. When you visit the spot, the sheer size of the hubba alone is certain to intimidate anyone attempting anything here, so it was so crazy to see Flo actually put down two back-to-back tricks(a backside noseslide followed by a front tail) as part of a line on both hubbas and the 3-flat-3. Flo shut down the spot for sure!!! Eric Koston’s backside 5-0(in those eS Koston 3s no less!) was straight up gnarly!! Another classic memory was from the Transworld Videoradio era, with Chad Muska hyping the crowd up as Chris Cole skated the hubba. Remember Brian Anderson’s two trick line here in Yeah Right? That was one stylish bigflip.

(hmm it’s also interesting to note that one of the best street spots in Paris is in front of a contemporary art museum like in Barcelona w/ the MACBA)

es-mccrank-tsm-jan10I first went to Le Dome when I was 13 years old. To get hyped before each session, I would watch the eS Menikmati video, and this played a huge part in building my memories of this spot and those sessions. Back then you would often meet the world’s best pros there; and I met Bastien Salabanzi there quite a few times too.

Today, the spot is in pretty bad shape given the march of time. But it’s still always a great spot to start a session because you’ll always find someone to skate with down there and it remains a go to meet up spot.

eS Footwear used to be super active at this spot too, and even held the french final of their eS game of skate here in 2009.

Peep our edit of some the heaviest tricks at Le Dome and recognize the amazing progression that has gone down at this spot.

Featured image = © Patrick Wallner