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Krak Minute – Kölner Dom, Cologne

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Albert Nyberg – Halfcab flip – Prehistoric part
Ryan Sheckler – Switch flip & fs halfcab flip – Etnies ‘Marana’ commercial
Trevor McClung – Nollie cab – Etnies ‘Album’
Willow – Hardflip – Flip ‘Extremely Sorry’
Willow – Nollie heel – Almost ‘5-Incher’
Willow – Laser flip – TWS ‘Willow’s World’
Chris Joslin – Bs flip 360 – Etnies ‘Album’

History Clip, Spot

MDA Big 12, Brussels

Last update:

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

– Youtube: first ‘almost’ landed flip front by Ismael Corredera
– Ride all Day “area02”: ollie by Julian Dykmans
– Homemade first video: frontside 180 by Geoffrey Van Hove
– Blueprint “Lost and Found”: backside 180 by Neil Smith
– “Make friend with the color blue”: flip by Neil Smith
– Almost “5-incher”: switch ollie by Youness Amrani
– Flip “Extremely Sorry”: varial heel by Willow
– Puzzle 36: ‘almost’ flip back by Mathieu Hilaire

History Clip, Spot

Bercy, Paris

Last update:

You might have heard of the name “Bercy” being thrown around as one of those legendary European spots on the list of every visiting American pro, or even remember Andrew Reynold’s  superhuman frontside flip down the Bercy 4 block (and his even more ridiculous backside heel down the 5). Bercy has seen some very significant moments in skateboarding history and deserves its place in skateboarding’s rich cultural history. Historically, Bercy is primarily a wine warehousing neighborhood.

In 1982, the City launched a vast program to revitalize the east of Paris, starting with the official opening in early 1984 of the Bercy Arena (originally known as ‘Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy’), which is primarily an indoor sports arena and concert hall. But as skateboarders, it’s this aspect of Bercy’s architecture that specifically interests us.


The Arena itself is shaped like a pyramid with its walls covered with grass. Remember when Ali, Bastien and Arto butt slid down the grass wall in the Flip ‘Sorry’ intro (see 1:12 in the link below).

This feature offered the perfect playground for the inner street skater inside each of us. I went to Bercy the first time I went skating in Paris, and I was hyped! Although there were a lot of people, due to the size of the place you were still able to enjoy it and also have enough space to try stuff.

While the Bercy ledges are world famous and frankly pretty insane, it was really the blocks (4 then 5) that attracted  pros from all around the world.

Unfortunately, the Bercy complex is now truly part of skateboarding’s history books in a very literal sense because the area is being redeveloped but should reopen at the end of the year. Treasure every spot now, as you’ll never know when they will become a ghost of skateboarding’s seasons past!


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Featured image = © Steve Shupe