Minute, Spot

Krak Minute – Blue Rail, Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Diego Bucchieri – Fs 180 over – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Kyle Nicholson – Bs 180 – Selfish – Mi Amor
Cato Williams – Boardslide, feeble – Team Ice Cream vol.1
Terell Robinson – Fs smith – Selfish ‘Mi Amor’
Josh Harmony – Fs tailslide – Toy Machine ‘Good & Evil’
Tosh Townend – Fs 5-0 – This is my Element
Michael Pulizzi – Fs nosegrind – Pizza ‘Que Aproveche’
Nassim Guammaz – Fs noseslide – Element ‘Hold It Down’
Vincent Milou – Fs blunt – Globe part
Paul Machnau – Bs smith – Globe ‘United By Fate Ep.1’
Henry Gartland – Flip fs fifty – Santa Cruz ‘Til The End’
Mathias Torres – Fs 270 lipslide – Suichi
Terell Robinson – Treflip lipslide – Selfish ‘Mi Amor’
Elijah Berle – Fs fifty all the way – Vans ‘Spinning Away’


Krak Report – Tattoo Convention, Brussels

Last weekend in Brussels took place the Intenational Tattoo Convention at Tour & Taxi and for the third year in a row, local hero Bart Rampelberg managed to include a miniramp sesh to the show! Riders came from all around Belgium to get some cash for tricks from Bart or simply to ride the miniramp!

Here are 2 pictures from our friend @Marsters

Damien Delsaux

Rafael Witkowski

Bart would like to thanks Vans, Emerica, Thrasher Magazine & Transind Distribution!


Boof – A british vision of Paris

The british filmer and traveller James “DJ” Davidson went to Paris for a couple of days earlier this year. With his mighty VX1000 in his hands, and a crew composed of parisians and british friends, he managed to put out 5 minutes of good skateboarding around the capital. Five minutes in five days, that is  a good ratio if you ask me! So here is Boof (a reference to Boom?), a british vision of Paris.

Here is a list of a few spot shown in the video, available on the Krak map ( Available on our app ) :


       📍Léo Frankel

📍 Jussieu

📍 Creteil pyramids


📍 Quai de la gare



Minute, Spot

Krak Minute – La Salut, Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Rodrigo TX – Nollie fs flip + fs halfcab flip – DGK ‘Blood Money’
Roman Lisivka – Halfcab heel + nollie fs heel – Primitive part
Miles Silvas – Nollie fs heel + switch bs 180 + nollie inward – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Lucas Puig – Bs flip + switch heel + switch bs flip – Adidas ‘Away Days’
Tanner Burzinski – Switch bs 180 + kickflip + Nollie fs bigspin – 30 Days in Heaven
Jordan Maxham – Hippie jump – nollie tre + fs flip- Barc3lona part
Justin Sommer – Fs flip + switch heel + fakie tre + switch pop shuvit – Santa Cruz ‘Til The End’
Chuck Donnatin – Ollie up x2 – Pizza ‘Que Aproveche’

Minute, Spot

Krak Minute – Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Nick Ferro – Switch fs 180 + fs nose + fakie bigspin – Grand Collection ‘Pavilion’
Tiago Lopes – Bs flip sexchange & fs 180 sexchange – Sk8Mafia ‘Brain Gone’
Stephen Lawyer – Nollie inward, bs 360, bigspin flip, tre & bs flip 360 – Sk8Mafia ‘Brain Gone’
Tyler Surrey – Fakie fs flip & fakie bigspin heel – Sk8Mafia ‘Brain Gone’
Gustav Tonnesen – Fakie flip & nollie bs heel – Instagram
Gustav Tonnesen – Fakie tre – Between The Parts
Gustav Tonnesen – Nollie bs flip – The Sour Solution
Gustav Tonnesen – Nollie fullcab flip – Adidas ‘Introducing /// Gustav x Samba ADV’

Session, Spot

Krak Session – Street Trash DIY

Lost in the middle of the woods in the (quite far) southern Paris, Street Trash is well knowned DIY spot, which location is still kept (fairly) secret by its creators. We got the chance to skate it with them, and it is definetly a harsh spot: rad transition, crusty concrete and pool coping!


Here is a few photo of locals. Go out there and pour some concrete!


Skate at your own risk!


BS hurricane – Guillaume Guénée


Special set up for a special spot!

    Local boss at home




•BOOM by Ben Chadourne

Few weeks ago we showed you the new video called “BOOM” by Ben Chadourne. Our friend donaldduck has been mapping their tricks on our app ! You can check all these spots on the map just by typing their names as mentionned below !


📍 Leon Blum

📍 Rue Fenelon

📍 Place des Etats-Unis

📍 Mairie du 4e

📍 Johann Strauss

📍 Plaque Rey Marcel

📍 Bastille

📍 Trocadero Garden

📍 Le Louvre

📍 University Descartes

📍 Place Henri Frenay

📍 Brick Banks Creteil

📍 Palais de Tokyo (Le Dome)

📍 Porte Maillot

📍 Mairie de Creteil

📍 Boulevard Richard Lenoir


Minute, Spot

Krak Minute – Synagogue Rails, Miami

Consider the following skateboarding’s roll of honor:

Kris Markovich – Fs boardslide up + bs lip down & bs smith – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Anthony Van Engelen – Bs nosegrind & halfcab crook – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Rob Dyrdek – Fs overcrook – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Ed Selego – Noseblunt – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Jesse Silvey – Gap to noseblunt – Shorty’s ‘Guilty’
Geoff Rowley – Hurricane – Flip ‘Sorry’
Arto Saari – Fs crook & flip fs boardslide – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Appleyard – Flip bs lip – Flip ‘Sorry’
Mark Appleyard – Nollie noseslide – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Ed Selego – Nollie crook – Adio ‘One Step Beyond’
Fred Gall – Switch crook – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Josh Kalis – Switch fs tailslide – Alien Workshop ‘Photosynthesis’
Brandon Turner – Switch fs board & flip noseslide – Shorty’s ‘Guilty’
Peter Smolik – Noseslide heelflip out – Shorty’s ‘Guilty’
Matt Berger – Fs noseslide heelflip out – Etnies ‘Album’
Justin Henry – Fs shuvit crook – Quasi ‘Mother’
Tyshawn Jones – Switch flip fs boardslide – Adidas ‘Away Days’

Event, Spot

Krak report – Cosalloween

Like every year on Halloween, the Cosanostra opens its door for a night session. This year the skaters even got the chance to celebrate in the new pool built for the VPS a few month ago, thanks to rather cold but dry weather.

Enjoy the video report and join us to keep tuned about skate events in your town!


Volcom in NYC ‘Where are we going?’

The Volcom Skate team has been ripping NYC lately and our friend mickeymouse has been mapping their tricks on our app ! You can check all these spots on the map just by typing their names as mentionned below !


📍 Fairview Avenue Bump


📍 Chrystie Street Jersey


📍 Municipal Building


📍 Colombus Park


📍 Frankfort Street Bank


📍 Trinity Plaza


📍 Parsons Medical


📍 Jerome Avenue Banks


📍 Boricua Village LLC


📍 Front Street Ledge


📍 Con Edison Banks


📍 Fort Greene Ledge


📍 Jacob K. Javits Federal Building


📍 Hornblower Cruises


📍 Willoughby Avenue